Marvel's Civil War Sequel Extended

Blastr has revealed that Brian Michael Bendis has successfully convinced Marvel to extend the run of Civil War II. Originally scheduled for 7 issues, an eighth will now be produced for release in November.
Bendis believes the extra issue is required to end the story correctly after he discovered a better way to end the series than was originally planned. Bendis stated:

“It’s not a different ending but a different way to tell it and I am so happy that Marvel gave us this chance to do our thing. Some fans already know that a lot is going to change in the Marvel Universe post-Civil War II but we’ve kept some secrets secret and issue #8 is chock full of them.”

Brian Micheal Bendis
How this affects the tie-in issues has not yet been revealed, but it is likely that the October-scheduled Civil War: The Oath will now be delayed due to it's solicitation describing it as an epilogue to the event.

The Hound

The move is reminiscent of the recent Secret Wars event, which (once underway) was lengthened by one extra issue to complete the story. Nevertheless, recent market share reports have almost certainly been the driving force for the change. Marvel needs to respond, so look for Civil War II -the only comc NOT published by DC that featured in July's Top 20 sales figures- to end with an even BIGGER BANG than first scripted.

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The Hound

September and October are traditionally the months in the US when the big gun shows start and the battle-hardened shows with a new season begin. Ahead of this, the major companies begin to make announcements, so here are some choice morsels from last week...

Action movie veteran Dolph Lungdren has been cast in in the fifth season of Arrow as the Russian villain Kovar according to Entertainment Weekly. His performances will mainly be seen in the flashback sequences set in Russia, which will be the last set of flashbacks in the show according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim.
With the first episode of The Flash Season Three previously announced as “Flashpoint”, numerous outlets have been reporting how the season is coming together. Collider has reported that not only is Gorilla Grodd returning in a two part episode but it will take place in Gorilla city on Earth 2. Also the two main villians for the season were announced as Dr Alchemy and Savitar. It is reported that one of the Rogues is set to debut in the upcoming season and that Rogue is Mirror Master, according to Comic Book Resources. Actor Grey Damon has won the role and will feature in episode four.
Legends of Tomorrow: Season Two has almost completed their Justice Society of America, with only Dr Mid-Nite remaining to be cast. IGN confirmed that Sarah Gray, who has been cast in the upcoming Power Rangers movie as Amanda will be playing Stargirl and Matthew MacCaull from iZombie has been cast as Commander Steel. However, the biggest casting news of the day is that genre-giant Lance Henriksen (known for his role as Bishop in Aliens, Frank Black in Millennium and Detective Hal Vukovich in The Terminator) has won the role of Obsidian.
Over on the CW’s recently acquired Supergirl things are really going to get strange this coming season. Bleeding Cool has confirmed that the Flashpoint storyline on The Flash has changed reality enough that Supergirl will find herself in the Arrow verse, and only Barry Allen will remember that their worlds were once separate. Metallo has also been confirmed as the big bad for the season, but that there will be two versions: one that Superman and Martian Manhunter will team up to fight while the other will face Supergirl “elsewhere”.
Stranger news comes from TV Line regarding the two part Supergirl crossover with The Flash... will it be a musical? In the back half of both seasons Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin (who both appeared on Glee) will sing pre-existing songs due to the influence of an as yet unnamed villain. The odd two-parter comes in addition to the four episode mega-cross-over with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.
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Other TV News

In other TV news Entertainment Weekly reported that serious talks are underway to produce at least one more season of the X-Files. Finding a way to juggle David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s schedules will be the trick according to Chris Carter, who wants to produce more episodes in order to resolve the cliff-hanger from the recent mini-series and script new stories.
Some firm information about Star Trek Discovery has finally come to hand courtesy of IGN. Set 10 years before the era of Kirk and Spock it will take place in the original unaltered Prime universe and will focus on a female lead who is not the Captain but rather a Lieutenant Commander. The show will have more alien crew than any other Star Trek series and will definitely have a main gay character for the first time in franchise history. Though Executive Producer Bryan Fuller has been quick to shoot down rumors about Section 31, he has mysteriously teased that events mentioned in the original show that have never been seen will be explored.

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Marvel "Tinkering" with Captain Marvel

Though there has been no new Marvel TV news of late, a few little movie tidbits have been reported. Deadline reveals that in addition to the Vulture, Spider-Man: Homecoming has added Michael Chernus (From Orange is the New Black) to the cast as the villainous Tinkerer.
And lastly in order to avoid similarities with DC's Hal Jordan, Marvel has decided to change Carol Danvers' origin for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. In the Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers was an Airforce pilot that gained powers from alien beings, and Marvel Studios feels that cinema goers may draw "unwanted comparisons" with the 2011 Green Lantern film.
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