Open daily from 4-8pm
Location: Upstairs at the Grace Emily Hotel,
232 Waymouth St Adelaide.

Auction held on the closing night,
Tuesday May 17th, from 8pm.

Location: Centre stage at the Grace Emily

Here are 3 of the pieces:

Piece #1 - Monkeyboy Bionic by Joshua Harris

Piece #13 - Hendrix: Mercenary For Hire by Bob & Maree Mogg

Piece #28 - One Million Years A.D. by Andy Peter Berta

Any questions please e-mail

Once again, Instantaneous presents the public with
outstanding artwork by a plethora of South Australian artists.
In the space of 6 previous exhibitions,
150 artists and 270 pieces of art have been contributed;
collectively they have raised over $20,000
for the Magdalene and Vincentian Centres in Adelaide.

This time around, Instantaneous will showcase
original comic book covers created especially for the exhibition.

On Tuesday May 17th at 8pm,
all pieces will be professionally auctioned
at the Grace Emily Hotel on the stage,

with all profits going to animal shelters in South Australia.

Pieces will be auctioned TWO WEEKS AFTER the opening night,
so you and your friends have enough time to decide
which pieces you need to bid for!

This is YOUR opportunity to own a unique piece of artwork
crafted by some of South Australia's most talented artists!


Instantaneous 7 submissions CLOSED April 9th;
spaces were strictly limited.

Artwork for Instantaneous 7 must resemble a comic book cover.  
-The cover can be a parody, artwork from an unpublished book (or upcoming project), but cannot include characters that you do not have a copyright on.  

Artwork is to be submitted on blue line comic art pages, available at Pulp Fiction Comics (no charge to the creator for the first page)
-alternatively, pieces can be submitted on card the same size, which is:
432mm height x 280mm width; this INCLUDES the 10-12mm that may be covered by the edges of the frame.

Frames are generic (however they are made specifically for the exhibition) and are provided for each piece at no charge.

Ticks of approval (pieces will be accepted if):

It is an original work and not a print. Original works are often highly sought after, fetching more bids than "one of" digital prints. Digital prints are acceptable if the print is unique (at least signed and dated, 1/1, maybe write an essay on the back, etc.!)

Make the piece resemble a comic cover as much as possible.
-a logo-title and issue number is essential.
(remember it doesn't have to be a #1!)
-a publisher's box, isbn etc all add to the effect but are optional.

Pieces can be black and white or coloured.

Any medium is fine, provided it is 2 dimensional.

Crosses of shame (pieces will not be accepted if):

Copyrighted characters are used that you don't own the copyright to.

The piece does not fit in the frame.

The piece is submitted later than April 9th.

As with previous exhibitions, Instantaneous reserves the right to reject pieces they deem as unsuitable for the exhibition. 

These include (but are not limited to) pieces that contain excessive pornography, excessive violence, excessive offensive language and work of a racist nature.

if you're not sure!

For the creators involved in Instantaneous 7,
the following information was due by MARCH 1st:

-Creator's name(s)
-The title of the piece
-The medium(s) used
For the I7 booklet:
-A 50 word (or less) biography of the creator(s)
-Contact details of the creator(s)

All pieces were due by Saturday APRIL 9th at Pulp Fiction.

See you all there!


The venue: Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St Adelaide
The date: Opening night Tuesday May 3rd at 6:30pm
The auction: Tuesday May 17th at 8pm
The profits: All profits to go to animal shelter charities in SA.

Pieces bought will be available for collection
at Pulp Fiction from Thursday May 18th.